About Us:

John Doles

Started in the rental industry as an undergraduate studying Human Communication at Arizona State University.  Working summers he fell in love with the constant go
of the industry.  He loves the get the job done expectations that the industry requires.  He believes in taking care of the customer, having knowledge to succeed, and
working until the job is done are key components to what sets Pineapple Equipment apart.

Pineapple Equipment

Pineapple Equipment is a company that wants to truly take care of its customers.  The job is never done, and it’s with that understanding that the company continues
to grow.  The word “no” is seldom used, because Pineapple Equipment wants all of its clients to know that we can and will get you whatever you need, and when you
need it.  We specialize in generators and light towers, because we feel that specializing in what we know is the best way to take care of clients.  Our knowledge and
capacity for learning is unmatched because we our hungry, young, and the “office staff” is the “sales staff” and the “sales staff” is the “delivery and setup staff.”  It’s
the streamlining of all divisions that help us do what we say we will.  And what we will do is get the job done at all cost.